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Document Properties - Hole Tables

You can specify document-level drafting settings for hole tables.

To open this page, with a drawing open, click Options (Standard toolbar), select the Document Properties tab, and then select Tables > Hole.

Overall drafting standard

Overall drafting standard Inherited from the selected Drafting Standard page settings.


Box Border Sets the border type and thickness.

Grid Border



Click to modify the font.

Location precision

Unit Precision Select the number of digits after the decimal point for the hole location value.

Alpha/numerical control

Select letters or numbers for hole table tag sequencing.

A, B, C Precedes the hole tag sequence number with a letter.
1, 2, 3 Defines the hole tag sequence as a number.


Select a layer.
You must first create layers for the drawing before you can select them for document properties.

You must select Per Standard for Layer (Layer toolbar) in the drawing view document to apply these layer settings.

Origin indicator

Origin indicator Select a standard to govern origin display or select Per Standard to use the overall drafting standard.




Tag angle/offset from profile center

Angle The angle the tag makes with a vertical line through the center of the hole

Offset The distance from the tag to the hole profile


Leading zeros
Standard Leading zeros appear according to the overall drafting standard.
Show Zeros before decimal points are shown.
Remove Leading zeros do not appear.
Trailing Zeros
Smart Trailing zeros are trimmed for whole metric values, conforming to ANSI and ISO standards.
Standard Trailing zeros appear according to the ASME Y14.5M-1994 standard.
Show Trailing zeros are displayed according to the decimal places you specify for Units.
Remove Trailing zeros do not appear.
Combine same tags Select to combine items with the same tags in one row.
Combine same size Select to merge holes of the same size across several rows.
Show hole centers Select to show hole centers.
Automatic update of hole table Select to update the hole table when you add or delete components in the associated assembly.  
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