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Welcome to SolidWorks Help
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Welcome to SolidWorks Help

Getting Help

Access to Help

Lists ways to access help for the SolidWorks® product and add-ins, as well as hints for searching. See Access to Help.

What's New

Introduces concepts and provides step-by-step examples for many new features.

Click Help > What's New > PDF or Help > What's New > HTML.

Interactive What's New

Highlights new features in the SolidWorks product and add-ins.

Click next to new or changed menu items and PropertyManagers.

SolidWorks Tutorials

Steps you through introductory to advanced examples that teach the functionality of the SolidWorks product and add-ins.

In the Task Pane, click the SolidWorks Resources tab . Under Getting Started, click Tutorials .

SolidWorks Glossary

Defines solid modeling and SolidWorks terms.

Click Glossary in the table of contents.

SolidWorks Administration Guides

Lets you access administration documents by release and language. See SolidWorks Administration Guides.


Release Notes

Describes new and changed functionality of each Service Pack.

Click Help > Release Notes.

Legal Notices

See SolidWorks Legal Notices.

Getting Started

To perform a step-by-step example using the SolidWorks product and its add-ins

In the Task Pane, click the SolidWorks Resources tab . Under Getting Started, click Tutorials .

To open a model

Click New or Open on the menu bar to open a new or existing model.

To see pop-up hints and options while you create SolidWorks documents.

Click Help > Quick Tips .

To access the SolidWorks menus

Hover over the SolidWorks logo in the menu bar.

To turn Interactive What's New on or off

Click Help > What's New > Interactive.

To learn the main elements of the user interface

See SolidWorks user interface.

Connecting with the SolidWorks Community

To tap into community-based resources

Get answers to questions and interact with SolidWorks staff and users:

In the Task Pane, click the SolidWorks Resources tab and click links under Community.

To access the Customer Portal

Visit your entry point to community resources, support, and reference information:

In the Task Pane, click the SolidWorks Resources tab . Under Community, click Customer Portal to log in.

See also www.solidworks.com/FAQ-CustomerCenter.

To join the SolidWorks User Group Network

Find a user group near you. Attend a meeting to network with SolidWorks users and enhance your knowledge of our products:

In the Task Pane, click the SolidWorks Resources tab . Under Community, click User Groups .

To access SolidWorks Technical Support

Download updates and get support:

In the Task Pane, click the SolidWorks Resources tab . Under Getting Started, click General Information .

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