You can drag decals from the Task Pane onto a model and manipulate them in the graphics area. Use the Decals PropertyManager to specify properties, browse to images to use for decals, and save decals.

You can view decals in SolidWorks, eDrawings, and PhotoView 360 without activating PhotoWorks. To apply decals, you must first activate PhotoWorks.

Decals cannot be added or edited in precise Hidden Lines Removed, Hidden Lines Visible, or Wireframe display modes.

Mapping can be Label (UV), Projection, Spherical, or Cylindrical.

Illumination can be the same as for the underlying material illumination or you can specify different illumination. You can also set the decal to a constant illumination that is  not affected by the scene lighting.

To add a decal from the Task Pane:

  1. In the Task Pane, select the Appearances\PhotoWorks tab.

  2. Expand Decals and select the decals folder or a folder containing custom decals.

  3. Drag a decal from the lower pane into the graphics area.

You can drag a decal to an entity such as a face or a surface. If you drag the decal into an empty region of the graphics area, it is applied to the whole part. Manipulators appear with the decal, and the Decals PropertyManager opens.

To add a decal from PhotoWorks:

  1. With PhotoWorks activated, click New Decal (PhotoWorks toolbar) or PhotoWorks, Decal.

  2. In the Decals PropertyManager, under Image file path, browse to an image of type .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .rgb, .tga, .tif, .wmf, or .p2d, then click Open.

You can also select a decal from the list in the Appearance pane.

You can manipulate a decal in the graphics area:

  • Move it by dragging the pointer anywhere inside the frame (except on the rotation manipulator).

  • Size it by dragging the handles at the corners and sides of the frame.

  • Rotate it by dragging the rotation manipulator at the center of the decal.

The decal reference axis remains at the original decal origin, even when the decal is moved. The rotation manipulator moves with the center of the decal.

To save a decal to the Task Pane:

  1. While the decal is displayed and the Decals PropertyManager is open, under Decal Preview, click Save Decal.

  2. In the Save As dialog box, browse to a folder, type a filename, then click Save.

If the folder does not already appear in the Task Pane, a new folder is created under Decals on the Appearances\PhotoWorks tab and the new decal appears in the lower pane for the specified folder.

Files in .p2d format contain illumination settings and paths to the decal image and any mask image. An associated .bmp file provides a thumbnail image in the Task Pane.

To display or hide decals:

Click one: