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GetTypeName Method (IFeature)

Gets the type of feature.

NOTE: To get the underlying type of feature of an Instant3D feature, call this method; otherwise, call IFeature::GetTypeName2.

.NET Syntax

Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Function GetTypeName() As String
Visual Basic (Usage) 
Dim instance As IFeature
Dim value As String
value = instance.GetTypeName()
string GetTypeName()
String^ GetTypeName(); 

Return Value

Feature type (see Remarks)



Body Features

swTnChamfer _T "Chamfer"

swTnFillet _T "Fillet"

swTnCavity _T "Cavity"

swTnDraft _T "Draft"

swTnMirrorSolid _T "MirrorSolid"

swTnCirPattern _T "CirPattern"

swTnLPattern _T "LPattern"

swTnMirrorPattern _T "MirrorPattern"

swTnShell _T "Shell"

swTnBlend _T "Blend"

swTnBlendCut _T "BlendCut"

swTnExtrusion _T "Extrusion"

swTnBoss _T "Boss"

swTnCut _T "Cut"

swTnRefCurve _T "RefCurve"

swTnRevolution _T "Revolution"

swTnRevCut _T "RevCut"

swTnSweep _T "Sweep"

swTnSweepCut _T "SweepCut"

swTnStock _T "Stock"

swTnSurfCut _T "SurfCut"

swTnThicken _T "Thicken"

swTnThickenCut _T "ThickenCut"

swTnVarFillet _T "VarFillet"

swTnSketchHole _T "SketchHole"

swTnHoleWzd _T "HoleWzd"

swTnImported _T "Imported"

swTnBaseBody _T "BaseBody"

swTnDerivedLPattern _T "DerivedLPattern"

swTnCosmeticThread _T "CosmeticThread"

Sheet Metal Features

swTnSheetMetal _T "SheetMetal"

swTnFlattenBends _T "FlattenBends"

swTnProcessBends _T "ProcessBends"

swTnOneBend _T "OneBend"

swTnBaseFlange _T "SMBaseFlange"

swTnSketchBend _T "SketchBend"

swTnSM3dBend _T "SM3dBend"

swTnEdgeFlange _T "EdgeFlange"

swTnFlatPattern _T "FlatPattern"

Drawing-related Features

swTnCenterMark _T "CenterMark"

swTnDrSheet _T "DrSheet"

swTnAbsoluteView _T "AbsoluteView"

swTnDetailView _T "DetailView"

swTnRelativeView _T "RelativeView"

swTnSectionPartView _T "SectionPartView"

swTnSectionAssemView _T "SectionAssemView"

swTnUnfoldedView _T "UnfoldedView"

swTnAuxiliaryView _T "AuxiliaryView"

swTnDetailCircle _T "DetailCircle"

swTnDrSectionLine _T "DrSectionLine"

swTnBomTableFeature _T "BomFeat"

swTnHoleTableFeature _T "HoleTableFeat"

swTnRevisionTableFeature _T "RevisionTableFeat"

swTnWeldmentTableFeature _T "WeldmentTableFeat"

swTnGeneralTableAnchor _T "GeneralTableAnchor"

swTnHoleTableAnchor _T "HoleTableAnchor"

swTnWeldmentTableAnchor _T "WeldmentTableAnchor"

swTnRevisionTableAnchor _T "RevisionTableAnchor"

swTnBomTableAnchor _T "BomTemplate"

Assembly-related Features

swTnMateCoincident _T "MateCoincident"

swTnMateConcentric _T "MateConcentric"

swTnMateDistanceDim _T "MateDistanceDim"

swTnMateParallel _T "MateParallel"

swTnMateTangent _T "MateTangent"

swTnReference _T "Reference"

swTnSplitReference_T "SplitReference" \\This feature is an assembly created from a weldment part

Reference Geometry Features

swTnRefPlane _T "RefPlane"

swTnRefAxis _T "RefAxis"

swTnReferenceCurve _T "ReferenceCurve"

swTnRefSurface _T "RefSurface"

swTnCoordinateSystem _T "CoordSys"

Folder Features

swTnFeatureFolder _T "FtrFolder"

swTnSurfaceBodyFolder _T


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