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Middle Mouse Button Functions

Three-button Mouse

Use the middle button for these view commands:



Rotate View (parts and assemblies only)

To rotate the model view:
Drag with the middle mouse button.

To rotate about a vertex, edge, or face:
Middle-click a vertex, edge, or face; then middle-drag the pointer.


Hold down Ctrl and drag with the middle mouse button. (In an active drawing, you do not need to hold down Ctrl.)

Zoom In/Out

Hold down Shift and drag with the middle mouse button.

The middle mouse button acts the same as the left mouse button if one of the dynamic view commands (Zoom In/Out , Pan art\MoveTool.gif, or Rotate View on the View toolbar) is active.

If you open the part or assembly in View-Only mode or in SolidWorks Viewer, you can only rotate the part or assembly with the middle mouse button if it was saved with Draft Quality HLR/HLV , Shaded With Edges , or Shaded mode.

Wheel-type Mouse

Use the wheel for these view commands:



Rotate View (parts and assemblies only)

To rotate the model view:
Hold down the wheel and move it to rotate.

To rotate about a vertex, edge, or face:
Wheel-click a vertex, edge, or face; then hold down the wheel and drag.

Zoom In/Out

To zoom to the position of the pointer:
Spin the wheel forward and back. While spinning the wheel, keep the pointer on the area where you want to zoom. (If the pointer is outside of the graphics area, the center of the model zooms into view.)

To zoom to the center of the screen:
Click View, Modify, Zoom About Screen Center, then spin the wheel forward and back.

To change the direction of the mouse wheel for zooming in and out, select Reverse mouse wheel zoom direction in View Rotation/Zoom Options.

You can zoom in the window beneath the pointer with the wheel without selecting the window (for example, with multiple viewports or with a PropertyManager open).

Often the settings for the wheel override the SolidWorks software settings. To change this, SolidWorks recommends that you turn off the wheel when using the SolidWorks software. This is done in the Windows Control Panel for the mouse. If this fails, check with the manufacturer for a new driver or for issues concerning the current mouse drivers.


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