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Printing Drawings

You can print or plot an entire drawing sheet, or just a selected area of the sheet. You have the option to print in black and white (the default) or in color. You can specify different settings for individual drawing sheets.

For basic information about printing and plotting any SolidWorks document, see Print.

To specify settings for individual drawing sheets:

  1. Click File, Page Setup.

  2. Select Set each drawing sheet individually.

  3. Select a sheet in Settings for, and choose settings for the sheet.

  4. Repeat step 3 for each sheet, and click OK.

To print a drawing in color:

  1. Click File, Page Setup. Under Drawing Color, select one of the following, then click OK:

  • Automatic. Sends color information if the printer or plotter driver reports that it is capable of printing color. Otherwise, the document is printed in black and white.

  • Color / Gray scale. Sends color data to the printer or plotter regardless of the capabilities that the printer or plotter driver reports. Black and white printers generally print colored entities in gray scale or dithered with this option. Use this option where a color printer or plotter prints in black and white with the Automatic setting.

  • Black and white. Sends all entities to the printer or plotter in black and white regardless of the printer or plotter color capabilities.

  1. Click File, Print. In the dialog box, under Document Printer, select a printer in Name.

  2. Click Properties, verify that any options required for color printing are specified appropriately, then click OK. (The options vary for different printers.)

  3. Click OK.

To print the whole drawing sheet:

  1. Click File, Print. In the dialog box, under Print range, select All sheets, Current sheet, or Sheets and enter the sheets to print.

  2. Under Document Printer, click Page Setup.

  3. In the Page Setup dialog box, under Resolution and Scale, select Scale to fit to print the entire sheet on the page, or select Scale and type a value.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click OK again to print the document.

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