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Creating a Design Study with Motion Parameters

With a Design study, you can evaluate several design scenarios based on parameterized features from motion analysis-type studies, and also optimize your design based on defined goals.

  1. Create a motion analysis-type study that includes features to parameterize in a design study (i.e., springs, dampers, motors, contact, or force).
  2. Click Insert > Design Study > Parameters to create Motion-type parameters, and link them to the desired features of the motion analysis-type study.

    Parameters are added as variables in the Design study.

    See also Linking a Motion Feature to a Parameter.

  3. Define sensors to add as Constraints or Goals in the Design study by doing on the following:
    • Attach sensors to result plots of the motion analysis-type study. In the Results/Sensor PropertyManager, select Create Sensor for Design Study/Optimization, or
    • Add sensors by right-clicking Sensors in the FeatureManager design tree and selecting Add Sensor. Under Sensor Type, select Motion Data. Select the motion study and the motion results plot to attach a sensor.
  4. Create a Design study.
  5. Add parameters as Variables. Specify a range, or set discrete values for the variables. Variables change values with each iteration of an evaluation or optimization design scenario.
  6. Specify Constraints through predefined sensors, or add new sensors to specify conditions that your design must satisfy. For evaluation design studies, use constraints to monitor results.
  7. Click Run, or define Goals for an Optimization study.
  8. Specify Goals through predefined sensors, or add new sensors to specify design objectives. If you define multiple goals, you can set the relative weight of each goal.
  9. After you run the design study, on the Results View tab, view the values of variables, constraints, and goals for each scenario. The optimal scenario column is green, scenarios that violate the constraints are red.
  10. Click Play Tool_Play_From_Start.gif to play back motion results for each iteration.

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