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Appearances Surface Finish PropertyManager

The Appearance Surface Finish PropertyManager sets the type of surface on the appearance, for example, knurled, dimpled, or sandblasted.

To display this PropertyManager, in the DisplayManager, click View Appearances . Right-click an appearance and select Appearance. In the PropertyManager, click Advanced and click the Surface Finish tab.

Surface Finish

  Type of finish Depending on the type you select, additional options appear.
  Dynamic help Displays pop-up tooltips for each property.
  From File options
Image path
Uses data in the file you specify to create the surface finish.
Click to locate and select an image file representing the surface finish.
Normal Map
Indicates a normal map image, appropriate for bump mapping and RealView. Clear this check box to indicate a height map image, appropriate for displacement mapping. If you use a normal map image for displacement mapping, you may experience undesirable surface distortions.
  Knurled options
Knurl angle
Changes the angle between knurls. Units are in degrees.
Knurl height cap
Sets the height of the plane at the top of the knurl as a percentage of the height of the surface finish. Set to 0 to assign no height to the knurl, effectively hiding it. Set to 1 to create knurls at full height. Set to .5 to leave knurls at half height, with flat tops.
  Dimpled option
Dimple size
Sets the diameter of the dimple.

PhotoView Surface Finish

The following options are available when PhotoView is added in.

  Bump Mapping Simulates an uneven surface by modifying shadows and reflections without changing the geometry. Renders more quickly than Displacement Mapping.
  Bump strength Sets the bump height to the distance from the highest point of the bump surface to the model surface.
  Displacement Mapping Adds texture to the rendered model surface, changing the geometry. Renders more slowly than Bump Mapping.
  Displacement distance Controls the distance from the nominal surface to the displacement mapped surface finish.

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