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Save As with References

When saving a part, assembly, or drawing document, you can edit the locations and names of referenced files and save them to the new locations or names.

If the filename already exists in the new location, you are prompted to confirm that you want to replace the part.

To edit locations and names of referenced files:

  1. Open the Save As with References dialog box:

    • Click File, Save As, and then in the Save As dialog box, click References.

    • In the Add to Library PropertyManager, under Options, click References.

  2. Edit the path or filename using one of the following methods:

  • Click in a cell and type to change the name or path.

  • Double-click in a cell and browse to a new folder.

  • Select cells under Folder, or select the entire column by clicking Folder. Then:

    • In Specify folder for selected item, type a new path or click Browse.

    • Click Find / Replace (under More Options) and enter a word to find and a word to replace it with. (For example, change "\samples" to "\archive" to save files to the archive directory.) Click the Match case check box if the case is significant in the search.

  • Select cells under Name, or select the entire column by clicking Name. Then select Add prefix or Add suffix (under More Options) to add the specified text to the beginning or end of the selected items.

In cells where you make changes, the text becomes green. To undo changes, right-click the cell and select Undo Change.

  1. Select other options as described below.

  2. Click Save All.


Select items to include in the list:

Nested view or Flat view. Indents file names based on their parent/child relationships, or positions all names at the left margin.

Save all as copy. Saves copies of the documents, with the new name or path, without replacing the active documents. You continue to work in the original documents.

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