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Evaluates mathematical and geometric expressions.

CAL is a calculator that evaluates expressions (point, real, or integer). You can use it alone at the command prompt or as a Transparent Command.

You can use 'CAL in any command that accepts points, vectors, or numbers. For example, enter a command such as LINE, then enter 'CAL at any prompt where you want to calculate the next point. The following prompt appears:

>> Expression:

Type the expression and press Enter. The line is drawn to the point calculated, and the following message appears:

Resuming LINE command.

CAL evaluates expressions according to standard mathematical rules of precedence.

1 Expressions in parentheses, starting with the innermost set
2 Operators in standard order: exponents first, multiplication and division second, and addition and subtraction last
3 Operators of equal precedence from left to right

A numeric expression is a collection of real numbers and functions combined with the mathematical operators () ^ * / + -.

A vector expression is a collection of points, vectors, numbers, and functions combined with the operators () & * / + -.

Measurements in feet-inches are converted to inches for numeric calculations.

Angles are in decimal degrees in the following format: degdmin'sec"

You must enter 0 and d (0d) when entering an angle that is less than 1 degree (minutes and seconds only). You can omit the minutes or seconds if they are zero.

You can define variables, which are remembered throughout a session.

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