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Deviation Analysis

The Deviation Analysis tool is a diagnostic tool that calculates the angle between faces. You can select a single edge or a series of edges. The edges can be between faces on a surface, or any edges on a solid.

The analysis is based on the number of sample points that you select along the edges. You can examine operations which fail or have the potential for failure in any of the following situations:
Molds Investigate problems with mold tooling along the split line of the mold, in conjunction with the Draft Analysis tool.
Deviation Analysis along edges of mold parts
Fillets Identify potential problems along tangent faces where a fillet operation fails.
Sweep with edges to fillet
Tangency requirements Check along the edges of lofts, sweeps, or surface fills and verify that tangency requirements are met.
Maximum deviation Identify problem areas along the edges of sweeps, lofts, or surface fills where there is maximum deviation.
Deviation analysis along edge of loft using 3D sketches
After you use the Deviation Analysis tool, you can modify the results by controlling the appropriate entities within the model. For example, when you examine an edge along a surface fill, deviation analysis results vary according to the following:
Curvature Control Select Contact or Tangent. Normally, Tangent yields a lower deviation between adjoining faces.
Optimize surface Use the standard patch, or, with two, three, and four sided edges, apply the Optimize surface option to use the more efficient simplified patch.

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