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swsRunAnalysisError_e Enumeration

Run analysis errors

.NET Syntax

Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Enum swsRunAnalysisError_e 
   Inherits System.Enum
Visual Basic (Usage) 
Dim instance As swsRunAnalysisError_e
public enum swsRunAnalysisError_e : System.Enum 
public enum class swsRunAnalysisError_e : public System.Enum 


swsRunAnalysisDefineInitialTemperature3 = Define initial temperatures to perform transient thermal analysis
swsRunAnalysisErrorAnalysisFailed24 = Analysis failed
swsRunAnalysisErrorAuthorizationFailed22 = Authorization failed for this analysis type
swsRunAnalysisErrorDefineRigidVirtualWallContact2 = Rigid virtual wall contact must be defined for grounded bolts
swsRunAnalysisErrorEXMaterialPropertyNotDefined13 = Elastic modulus (EX) material property not defined
swsRunAnalysisErrorEXValue14 = Elastic modulus (EX) should be >  0.0
swsRunAnalysisErrorMaterialNotDefined19 = Material is not defined
swsRunAnalysisErrorMaterialNotDefinedForComponents20 = Material is not defined for one or more components
swsRunAnalysisErrorMaterialNotDefinedForShells18 = Material is not defined for one or more shells
swsRunAnalysisErrorMeshNotFound23 = Mesh not found; create mesh first
swsRunAnalysisErrorMeshNotIdentical11 = The mesh is not identical for static studies used in different events
swsRunAnalysisErrorMultipleLoadsUseSameTimeCurve4 = Multiple loads on an entity should use the same time curve
swsRunAnalysisErrorNeedOneOrMoreStaticStudies6 = One or more static studies needed to perform fatigue analysis
swsRunAnalysisErrorNoFatigueEvent7 = No fatigue event defined
swsRunAnalysisErrorNoSNCurve9 = No SN curve available
swsRunAnalysisErrorNoSolidBody21 = No solid body to process
swsRunAnalysisErrorNoValidShell12 = No valid shell defined
swsRunAnalysisErrorPoissonsRatio15 = Poisson's Ratio should be less than 0.5
swsRunAnalysisErrorRemoveOrChangeCreep17 = Creep option for material works only with force control method; remove creep or change the control method in the Advanced page of study's properties
swsRunAnalysisErrorSetUpDropTestStudy5 = Drop test study is not set up
swsRunAnalysisErrorSuccessful0 = Successful
swsRunAnalysisErrorThermalConductivityNotDefined16 = Thermal conductivity not defined
swsRunAnalysisErrorTimeDependentOrAmplitideOnlyLoads8 = All loads should be either time dependent or amplitude only
swsRunAnalysisErrorUseHighQualityMesh1 = Draft mesh is incompatible with p-adaptive method; use high quality mesh

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