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Merging Sheet Metal Bodies by Inserting Edge Flanges

The Up to Edge and Merge option in the Edge Flange PropertyManager connects two parallel edges in a multibody part.

The edges must be parallel, of the same thickness, part of the sheet metal part base, and must belong to different bodies. The option is available if you select a single edge under Flange Parameters.

The Up to Edge and Merge option calculates the angle between the edges automatically. You can override the calculation to extend or shorten the connecting flange.

To merge sheet metal bodies by inserting an edge flange:

  1. Click Edge Flange (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Sheet Metal > Edge Flange .
  2. In the Edge-Flange PropertyManager, under Flange Parameters, for Edge, for one of the sheet metal bodies you want to merge, select an edge to use for the merge.

  3. Under Flange Length, from the Length End Condition list, select Up to Edge and Merge.
  4. For the reference edge , select a corresponding edge of another body.

    The edge you select for the second body must be parallel to and the same thickness as the edge you selected for the first body.

  5. Under Angle, click Lock or Unlock Angle lock_locked.png Button if you want to extend or shorten the connecting flange by changing the angle.
  6. Modify the Flange Angle dim_ang_a.png.

  7. Optionally, modify the Flange Position and Custom Relief Type.
  8. Click .

    The edge flange merges the two bodies.

  9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 to merge another body.

    The Cut list in the FeatureManager design tree updates to show the resulting number of bodies.

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