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DrawToolbarButton Method (IEdmAddInDrawButton5)

Dynamically draws an add-in toolbar button.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Sub DrawToolbarButton( _
   ByVal lCmdID As System.Integer, _
   ByVal hDC As System.Integer, _
   ByRef poDestRect As EdmRect, _
   ByVal eState As EdmButtonState, _
   ByRef plRetBackgroundColor As System.Integer _
void DrawToolbarButton( 
   System.int lCmdID,
   System.int hDC,
   ref EdmRect poDestRect,
   EdmButtonState eState,
   out System.int plRetBackgroundColor
void DrawToolbarButton( 
&   System.int lCmdID,
&   System.int hDC,
&   EdmRect% poDestRect,
&   EdmButtonState eState,
&   [Out] System.int plRetBackgroundColor


Command ID passed to IEdmCmdMgr5::AddCmd during add-in registration
Handle of the device context to draw on
EdmRect structure; rectangle within which to draw
State of the button image to draw as defined in EdmButtonState
RGB-value of a transparent color; default background color is 192:192:192


Visual Basic sample code showing how to dynamically draw a toolbar button

  1. Add the toolbar button command in the IEdmAddIn5::GetAddInInfo implementation:

poCmdMgr.AddCmd 1000, "First command", EdmMenu_HasToolbarButton Or EdmMenu_OwnerDrawToolbarButton, "This is the first command", "First command", -1, -1

  1. At the top of your class implementation, add declarations of the Win32 GDI functions that you want to use (read more about this in the Visual Basic online help):

Private Declare Sub LineTo Lib "Gdi32" (ByVal hDC As Long, ByVal X As Long, ByVal Y As Long)

Private Declare Sub MoveToEx Lib "Gdi32" (ByVal hDC As Long, ByVal X As Long, ByVal Y As Long, ByVal OldPnt As Long)

Private Declare Sub Arc Lib "Gdi32" (ByVal hDC As Long, _
                                     ByVal x1 As Long, ByVal y1 As Long, _
                                     ByVal x2 As Long, ByVal y2 As Long, _
                                     ByVal xstart As Long, ByVal ystart As Long, _
                                     ByVal xend As Long, ByVal yend As Long)

  1. Implement IEdmAddInDrawButton5::DrawToolbarButton (called by SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM):

Private Sub IEdmAddInDrawButton5_DrawToolbarButton(ByVal lCmdID As Long, ByVal hDC As Long, poDestRect As EdmLib.EdmRect, ByVal eState As EdmLib.EdmButtonState, plRetBackgroundColor As Long)
On Error GoTo ErrHand

If eState = BState_Cold Then
  'Draw a cross using the default pen
  MoveToEx hDC, poDestRect.mlLeft, poDestRect.mlTop, 0
  LineTo hDC, poDestRect.mlRight, poDestRect.mlBottom
  MoveToEx hDC, poDestRect.mlLeft, poDestRect.mlBottom, 0
  LineTo hDC, poDestRect.mlRight, poDestRect.mlTop
  'Draw a circle using the default pen
  Arc hDC, poDestRect.mlLeft, poDestRect.mlTop, poDestRect.mlRight, poDestRect.mlBottom, _
  poDestRect.mlLeft + (poDestRect.mlRight - poDestRect.mlLeft) / 2, poDestRect.mlTop, _
  poDestRect.mlLeft + (poDestRect.mlRight - poDestRect.mlLeft) / 2, poDestRect.mlTop
End If

Exit Sub
Dim errnum As String
errnum = Err.Number
MsgBox "Error drawing toolbar button!" + vbLf + Err.Description + vbLf + errnum
End Sub


See the IEdmAddInDrawButton5 topic for more information.

Return codes:

  • S_OK: The method successfully executed.
  • S_FALSE: One of the arguments is invalid.

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Version 5.2 of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM

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