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Product Coexistence Rules

These product coexistence rules determine how new products are installed and existing products are upgraded.

Rule Examples
Multiple major release versions of the core SOLIDWORKS product are allowed, with the exception of the products mentioned below. SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP3.0 and SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0.0 can coexist on the same computer.
Multiple service packs from the same major release version are not allowed. SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0.0 and 2016 SP1.0 cannot coexist on the same computer. If you install SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP1.0 on a computer where SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0.0 is already installed, SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager will replace SP0.0 with SP1.0.
Only one version of the following products is allowed on the computer:
  • Workgroup PDM Server
  • SolidNetWork License Manager
If SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0.0 is installed, Workgroup PDM Server is upgraded to 2016 SP0.0, even if an earlier major release of SOLIDWORKS remains on the computer.
Only one version of the following products is allowed on the computer:

If you install SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0.0 or SP1.0, you should also upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2016 PDM Server and PDM Client.

If you install SOLIDWORKS 2016 PDM Server, you should use the PDM Server installation process to install the SOLIDWORKS PDM Client. Do not install the SOLIDWORKS PDM Client separately with the client installation process.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Client must be the same release version and service pack as SOLIDWORKS PDM Server on the same machine.

See Installing a PDM Server with SLDIM topic for more information.

Only one version of an included product can be installed for any major release version of SOLIDWORKS. However, versions of included products from different major release versions of SOLIDWORKS can coexist. If SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP0.0 is upgraded to 2016 SP1.0, SOLIDWORKS Explorer 2016 SP0.0 will automatically be upgraded to 2016 SP1.0. However, SOLIDWORKS Explorer 2015 SP4.0 can coexist with SOLIDWORKS Explorer 2016 SP0.0 or with SOLIDWORKS Explorer 2016 SP1.0.
You must have administrative permissions to run more than one major version of SOLIDWORKS on the same machine.

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