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Category Dialog Box

Use the Category dialog box to define categories.

To display this dialog box:

  • To edit an existing category, expand Categories, then right-click a category and select Properties. You can also double-click a category.
  • To create a category, right-click Categories and select New category.
Name The category name.
Description An optional description.
Conditions Create conditions to define what files or items are added to the category.



The list of conditions and OR containers.

Select the condition type:
  • Filepath - For files, matches by filename, extension, or path as specified by Argument.

    For items, matches by item ID, extension (.<item>), or path (include the item root folder <items>). For example, both <items>\% and %.<item> match all items.

  • Revision - Matches files and items by revision number as specified by Argument.
  • Variable - Matches files and items by data card variable value (see Data Card Variable). Provide values for Variable Name, Configuration, and Argument.
  • Object type - Matches files by object type (BOM, File, or Item) as specified by Argument.
Variable Name

(Only available when Type is Variable.) Select a file data card variable.


(Only available when Type is Variable.) To look for the variable value in a certain file data card configuration tab (configuration/model/layout), type the configuration name. Leave blank to search all configurations.

Type or select the value used to determine what files match the condition. The value depends on your Type selection:
  • Category - Select a category.
  • Filepath - Type a filename or path. Use the % (percent) and _ (underscore) wildcard characters as needed. For items, include the <items> root folder.
    All paths are relative to the vault root. Therefore, do not specify drive letters.
  • Object type - Select BOM to match SOLIDWORKS BOM (bill of materials) files, File to match all other file types, and Item to match items.
  • Revision - Type a revision number to match against. Use the % (percent) and _ (underscore) wildcard characters as needed. For example, Rev A.% matches "Rev A.1", "Rev A.2", and so on.
  • Variable - Type the variable value to match against. Use condition operators as needed (see the % (percent) and _ (underscore) wildcard characters as needed For example, <5 means the specified variable's value must be less than 5.
Argument Type

Displays the argument data type. This field is read-only.

For example, if Type is Filepath, then Argument Type is Text. If Type is Variable and Variable Name is BOM Quantity, then Argument Type is Decimal.


Click to create an OR container. By default, all conditions must be true (AND). Use OR containers to group conditions where only one condition must be true.


Click to create a new condition. You can then drag the condition into an OR container as needed.


Click to delete the selected condition or OR container.

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