PhotoView 360 Network Rendering Supports Frame-by-Frame Rendering

PhotoView 360 supports "frame-by-frame" network rendering when you save an animation, which increases rendering performance.

The PhotoView 360 network rendering feature allows you to distribute rendering for an animation to up to 10 networked client machines running the PhotoView 360 Net Render Client.

In previous releases several client computers would share the work of rending the same frame, which requires a significant amount of network intercommunication. In SOLIDWORKS 2017, each client computer works independently on its own frames. This reduces the need for communication among the client computers and can dramatically shorten the time needed to complete rendering. No changes are required in the way the clients are configured.

To configure frame-by-frame rendering, you only need to set up a network of computers.

The list of available computers displays at the bottom of the PhotoView Network Render Client interface. You can also view the list by expanding the tab at the bottom of the final render window.

Note that computers on wireless networks do not interact well when it comes to network rendering or frame-by-frame animation rendering. The Coordinator computer or the computer running the PhotoView Network Render Client should not be using a wireless connection to access the network.