Feature Recognition for Operations

The performance of feature recognition to handle special geometry cases is enhanced. New tools and workflow improvements are introduced to streamline and speed up the costing process.

The following new tools are added:
  • Split operation. To split a coaxial hole, right-click the entity in the CostingManager and click Split Operation.
  • Combine operations. To rejoin split holes, right-click either of the resulting holes generated from the Split Operation in the CostingManager and click Combine Operations.
  • Turning features. You can convert an ID Turn operation to a hole and automatically assign threading operations if the information exists in the template. No Convert operation is necessary.
  • Facing operation. You can convert a face mill operation to an end cutting operation for block, cylinder, and plate stock bodies by right-clicking the entity and clicking the option.
  • Boring operation. You can right-click a Simple Hole to add a boring operation and then select a tool.
Multi-selection capability is provided in the CostingManager for the following features and operations in single body mode:
  • Hole features. Convert to circular pockets, splitting hole chains, and Move To.
  • Hole operations. Select tools for drill, counter-bore, counter-sink, tap operations, and additional hole operations.
  • Mill features. Convert to holes or volume features, and Move To.
  • Mill operations. Select tools for mill operations, additional operations, and remove additional operations.
  • Volume features. Change machines, processing, convert to mill, drill, or turn tools, and Move To.
  • Volume operations. Select tools for drill, mill, or turn.
  • Facing features. Convert facing to end cut features, and Move To.
  • Facing operations. Select a common tool for facing operations.
  • End cut features. Apply Run No Cost, Apply Cost Override, Edit Cost Override and Remove Cost Override. Convert end cut features to facing features, and Move To.
  • Machining Cut Path features. Apply Run No Cost, Apply Cost Override, Edit Cost Override, and Remove Cost Override. Select cut path features and apply a cutting machine.
  • Sheet metal bend features. Select edge and hem bend and apply a cutting feature.
  • Turning features. Select turning features and apply a machine, select ID turning features and apply a drill tool, Move To.

You can add stock in X, Y and, Z directions of Plate stock body types similar to the Block stock body type.

You can apply part settings for an assembly in the CostingManager instead of modifying them in the Costing Task Pane.