Performance Improvements for SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Several improvements in the areas of graphics, meshing, and contact formulation enhance the overall performance of the Simulation product.

  • The symbols for Pin connectors are redesigned. With the redesigned symbols, you can identify in the graphics area the type of pin connector (with retaining ring or key) without opening the pin connector's PropertyManager.
    Symbol for pin with retaining ring (no translation) Symbol for pin with key (no rotation)
  • Pre-load symbols for bolts identify the axial or torque applied pre-load.
    Symbols for bolts with torque preload Symbols for bolts with axial preload
  • Failure indices for the composite shells failure criteria (Tsai-Hill, Tsai-Wu, and Maximum Stress) are calculated from nodal stresses. Previously, the failure indices were calculated from elemental stress values.
  • The blended curvature based mesher supports h-adaptive and p-adaptive methods.
  • Optimized memory allocation and multi-threaded support for the Intel compilers improve the performance of studies with surface to surface bonding and no penetration contact definitions. The time spent by the program on the formulation phase for bonding and no penetration contacts is reduced.
  • Notable performance improvement on reducing the FFEPlus iterative solver solution time for static studies.