Additional Enhancements

  • Smart Control Bar for rendering profiles

    A newly designed Smart Control Bar allows you to add frequently used render profiles to a convenient drop-down menu.

    The controls allow you to:
    Duplicate the current item Copies the current render profile.
    Add a new item Lets you name the profile.
    Render Profiles Displays settings for a profile.
    Rename the current item Lets you rename a profile.
    Lock the current item Locks profile to prevent changes.
  • Duration field to set the time of animations, turntables and sun studies

    A new Duration field makes it easy to set the length of animations, turntables and sun studies. In previous releases, you had to divide the number of total frames in the animation by FPS (Frames Per Second) to calculate the duration of the movie.

  • Improvements for setting size and resolution

    Interface improvements make it easier to set the size and resolution of outputs. You can select from supported units of measure for the size, input a size and resolution, and see the resulting image and print size in the selected units.

  • Improvements in the Import Settings dialog box
    • The layout of the Part Grouping mode and settings is clearer.
    • A new Snap To Floor check box automatically snaps the lowest point of your model to the floor of your Visualize scene.
    • When you import a project into Visualize from any supported file format, the scene automatically scales to fit your model. The Auto-Size check box has been removed, since this setting is no longer needed.
  • Rearrangement of commands in menus

    Commands, especially in the File and Project menus, have been rearranged and logically grouped. The redesign reduces menu complexity while still providing access to all commands that were previously available.

  • Support for .jt and CREO 3.0 files was added