Detecting Stress Hot Spots

The Stress Hot Spot diagnostics tool detects regions of the model that exhibit the highest stresses.

Available for static studies.

Right-click the Results folder and click Stress Hot Spot Diagnostics.

The highest stresses in the areas of concern can be attributed to stress singularities due to geometry features such as sharp corners, point loads, or fixed boundary conditions.

Stress singularities are divergent in nature, meaning that by reducing the mesh size, you expect the value of stress singularities to increase to the theoretical value of infinity. Legitimate stress concentration values are convergent in nature, and they reach a steady value as you refine the mesh.

When stress hot spots are detected, you can view these areas of the model with a stress hot spot plot which shows the variation of the von Mises stresses. You can specify a custom color (default color is gray) for stress values larger than the threshold value that triggers the hot spot detection.

Click Isolate Stress Hot Spots in the Stress Hot Spot PropertyManager to show only the areas identified as stress hot spots.