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Offloaded Simulation

You can offload running a simulation to another computer connected on your local network domain. By offloading a simulation, you can continue working with SOLIDWORKS in the coordinator computer executing parallel tasks.

Available for SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium license and for static and nonlinear studies.

Offloaded simulation distributes the equation solving part of the simulation process to a worker agent computer that is connected on the same network domain.

To offload a simulation you need:
  • A computer running SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium to act as the coordinator.
  • A computer with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Worker Agent installed and active to act as the worker agent.
  • A network connection between the coordinator and worker agent.

You create a static or nonlinear simulation study on the coordinator. The task of solving the simulation equations is performed on the worker agent. The contact detection during the analysis is performed on both worker agent and coordinator computers.

While the worker agent processes the Simulation, you can continue working with SOLIDWORKS on the coordinator computer. You view and post-process the simulation results on the coordinator computer.

Only the coordinator computer needs a license of SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium.

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