Post Processing Improvements for SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Several improvements in post processing of results and plot viewing enhance productivity.

  • With the addition of the Synchronize Views tool in the Compare Results mode, the synchronization of view orientation and size of the model (pan, zoom, and rotate) is automatic among all the view panes.
  • In the Compare Results dialog box, click Save image as to save the active multi-pane result plots to a *.png, *.jpg, or *.bmp file format.
  • You can set the maximum value of a stress plot to the material's yield stress value. Click the down arrow of the maximum value box, and select Yield Strength: xxx.
  • In a results plot's chart legend, you can: (a) click Reset color above maximum to default to reset the custom color applied to the results above a given maximum back to the default color, (b) click Reset color below minimum to default , or (c) click the top or bottom color swatch outlined by a box to set a custom color.
  • You can easily toggle the display of mode shapes in the graphics area. At the bottom of the mode shape legend, click << to display the previous mode shape, and >> to display the next mode shape.
  • Right-click Results and click Compare Modes to compare selected modes up to a maximum of four (available for frequency, linear dynamic, and buckling studies). Click Mode Selection Filter to select the number of modes to compare.
  • You can save the deformed geometry of a model as a tesselated body, surfaces only, or mesh formats. In the Body from Deformed Shape PropertyManager, expand Advanced Export, and select one the available options.