Selection Breadcrumbs

Selection breadcrumbs have better feedback. When you hover over the items, breadcrumbs display information only for the mates that are applicable for the selected face, edge, vertex, feature, or body.

Enhancements include additional feedback for:
  • Assembly mates. Mate breadcrumbs are better aligned so you know which mates apply to the selected parts or subassemblies.

  • Failures and errors. Mates with failures or errors appear in breadcrumbs.

  • Suppressed states. The suppression state of entities are reflected in breadcrumbs.

When you click a breadcrumb, only the mates that are associated with the entity appear.
Subassembly selected Part selected
In addition, breadcrumbs provide easy access to a part’s reference planes to let you:
  • Control the reference plane visibility.
  • Pre-select reference planes for use as sketch planes, use in a feature, or creating an assembly mate.