Sheet Metal Options

You can define the default behavior that controls whether sheet metal bodies follow the parameters defined in the Sheet Metal folder in the FeatureManager design tree.

The Sheet Metal folder in the FeatureManager design tree contains sheet metal definitions for individual sheet metal bodies. In this folder, you can define common sheet metal parameters for all bodies or have individual settings for each body. The following options let you control the default behavior for newly created sheet metal bodies - whether sheet metal definitions follow the Sheet Metal folder settings or not.

You can save these options in a template because they are document specific.

In Tools > Options > Document Properties > Sheet Metal, under New Sheet Metal Bodies, select:
  • Override default parameters
  • Override bend allowance parameters
  • Override auto relief parameters

When selected, these options override the Sheet Metal folder parameters. In the individual sheet metal body PropertyManagers, the corresponding Override default parameters check boxes are selected. When all options are cleared, all individual body sheet metal parameters are driven by the settings in the Sheet Metal folder.