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Edit Mesh PropertyManager - Mesh Analysis

A collection of meshing tools lets you to inspect the quality of surface meshes, and repair errors associated with invalid mesh elements. A good quality surface mesh guarantees the accuracy of the simulation results.

To open the Edit Mesh PropertyManager:

  1. Create a Shell or Solid Mesh with the Manual method.
  2. The Edit Mesh PropertyManager appears in the mesh creating process after the Summary PropertyManager step.

    See also SOLIDWORKS Simulation Help: Solid Mesh Workflow (Manual Method).


OK Accepts the applied settings, and exits the PropertyManager.
Cancel Cancels the current action, and closes the PropertyManager without saving.
Undo Cancels the last action.
Next Goes to the next step.
Back Goes back to the previous step.
  Edit Select the mesh tool, and click Edit to open the PropertyManager.


Hide Element Controls the visibility of elements in the active mesh plot.

Select Visible

Select the surface elements to not display in the mesh plot.

Select Through

When selected, surface elements located behind the selected elements are not displayed in the mesh plot.


Does not display the selected elements in the active mesh plot.


Restores the visibility of the selected elements that are not displayed in the active mesh plot.


Saves the current mesh plot.

Save Saves the surface mesh data.
You can recover the saved surface mesh data by selecting Continue the Last Editing Step in the Solid Mesh - Manual PropertyManager.

Mesh Analysis

Summary Lists parameters that measure the quality of the mesh. See also Solid(Shell) Mesh - Manual - Summary.

Waterproof: Yes

The mesh is continuous and there are no holes in the mesh.

Waterproof: No

Regions of the model have no mesh. There are holes in the mesh.

Non-manifold Elements:

Shows the non-manifold elements, highlighted in green, in the active mesh plot.

Intersection Elements:

Shows the intersection elements, highlighted in green, in the active mesh plot.

Element intersections between bodies:

Shows the intersection elements located at the common boundaries of bodies that are touching.


Domain Selections

Lists all cavities, inserts, cooling channels, or molds in the model and the associated domain number.


Splits one group of elements from a meshed entity with two or more distinct element groups into a new meshed entity.


Merges groups of elements belonging to different meshed entities into one meshed entity. For example, you can merge two cavities into one cavity.

Quality Shows elements based on their aspect ratio.
Overlap Region Shows the contacting faces that belong to different bodies where the mesh is incompatible. In a compatible mesh, touching surfaces are meshed so that there is an element-to-element topology correspondence between the mesh of each surface.

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