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Mold Wall Temperature PropertyManager

The Mold Wall Temperature boundary condition defines a temperature field that varies over the surface of the cavity.

To open the Mold Wall Temperature PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager, expand Boundary Conditions, and double-click Mold Wall Temperature.

Use the Mold Wall Temperature boundary condition to define a mold temperature which varies over the cavity surface.

Use the Fill Settings > Mold Temperature control to specify a uniform mold temperature for the whole cavity surface that can also vary over time.


On the cavity surface, select individual elements (one by one), or a group of elements with a bounding box to apply the mold temperature.

  Select through Selects also elements in the far side of the cavity surface that lie inside the selection box.
  Wall Temperature Defines the temperature of the mold for the selected elements.
  Apply Applies the defined mold temperature to the selected cavity elements.
  Delete Deletes the boundary condition (mold temperature) from the selected surface area.
  Unselect All Clears all current boundary conditions.
  Reset Deletes all changes made to boundary conditions since the last simulation.

For a more detailed consideration of mold temperature, you can perform a COOL simulation, where heat transfer between the cavity, mold, and cooling channels is computed. These COOL simulation results provide temperatures which vary both in location and over time. These results override any temperature values you enter in the Fill Settings and Mold Wall Temperature PropertyManagers.

If you do not assign any mold wall temperature as a boundary condition to cavity surfaces, the value you define in Fill Settings > Mold Temperature is considered.

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