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Cool Settings PropertyManager

Cool Settings are used in the heat transfer analysis that predicts the distribution of temperature within the mold, taking into account the mold’s cooling system. These temperature data are also used in subsequent FLOW and PACK analysis modules.

To open the Cool Settings PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager, expand Process Parameters, and click Cool Settings.

Process Parameters

Melt Temperature Temperature of the polymer at the injection location (or locations).

The default value for Melt Temperature is taken from the material database (see Polymer-Material Parameters tab of the selected material data sheet).

You can modify the Melt Temperature in the Fill Settings PropertyManager.
Air Temperature Temperature of the air surrounding the exterior of the mold.
Min. Coolant Temperature The lowest allowable value for coolant temperature at any point during the injection molding cycle.

This default inlet temperature condition is overridden by any Cool Pipe and Coolant Entrance boundary conditions.

  Average Coolant Flow Rate The average flow rate of coolant through the mold’s cooling system. This default flow rate is overridden by any Cool Pipe and Coolant Entrance boundary conditions.
  Mold Open Time This time represents mold opening, ejection, and mold closing. It is added to Filling Time and Packing Time to determine the total Cycle Time.

Specify Control Parameters

These options determine the end of COOL analysis.

  Cooling Time COOL simulation is finished after a fixed time. Click Auto to populate a value based on a simple empirical formula, or enter your own cooling time value. This value should be greater or equal to the sum of Filling Time and Packing Time.
  Eject Temperature COOL simulation is finished when 90% of the cavity volume falls below the material’s ejection temperature.
Flow Rate / Coolant Temperature Profile Allows optional specification of variation in flow rate and coolant temperature during the cooling cycle. Cool Pipe and Coolant Entrance boundary conditions override this data.
  Reset All Resets the settings back to their default values.

Solver Settings

  Options Provides access to the advanced solver settings. The default values are proven to produce the best results over a wide range of cases. Modifications to these values are not commonly required.

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