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Flow Results PropertyManager

After a successful run of the Flow analysis module, you can view contour plots of the results at the end of fill.

To open the Flow Results PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager tree, expand Results, and click Flow Results, or
  • In the SOLIDWORKS Plastics CommandManager, click Flow Results.

Available Results

Select any of the available results in the list to view a contour plot.
In addition, the Fill Time result can be animated (see Animation below) to view how the plastic fills the cavity. This helps to visualize how weld lines and air traps are formed.
  Velocity Vector at End of Fill

Shows the velocity vectors (direction and magnitude) of the moving melt front at each location as it passes through the cavity during filling. The color legend indicates velocity magnitudes.

Set the number of vectors and vector length under Vector Settings.
  Weld Lines Shows the location of weld lines overlaid on a transparent view of the cavity. Weld lines form at locations of the part where two (or multiple) melt fronts meet, and the material does not bond together.

The color legend indicates the angle between the velocity vectors of the moving melt fronts.

The locations on the cavity where the plastic melt fronts meet at small (acute) angles are colored red. The locations where the angles are large (obtuse) are colored blue.

  Air Traps Shows the location where high pressure air may be trapped inside the cavity. Consider adding air vents to these locations to eliminate the formation of air traps.

Clipping Options

  Clipping Plane Mode (Available for Solid Mesh)

Allows for visualization of results inside the part. Creates a section view of the selected contour plot.

Clipping Plane

There are three clipping section planes: Clipping Plane -0, Clipping Plane -1, Clipping Plane -2. By default these planes are oriented perpendicular to the X-, Y- and Z- axes, respectively.

You can change the orientation of each plane in Display Setup > Clipping Plane Settings (PlasticsManager tree).

Clipping Plane Slice

Adjusts the position of the clipping section along the selected plane. You can also adjust the position of the plane by dragging the arrow symbol on the display window.

  Isosurface Mode

(Available for Solid Mesh)

Shows the regions of plastic material where results fall within the range of min and max values.

For example, you can view in an isosurface mode the material of the cavity with temperature at end of fill less than 100 Celsius.

You can edit the number and spacing of the isosurfaces in Display Setup > Isosurface Manager (PlasticsManager tree).
  Isoline Mode (Available for Shell Mesh)
  Max Sets the maximum value of the results shown on the active plot.
  Min Sets the minimum value of the results shown on the active plot.


You can display the melt flow front position during the filling stage by animating the Fill Time plot. Use the available tools to control the animation speed, to pause, stop, or loop the animation.

Report Options

  X-Y plot Use Measure (SOLIDWORKS Plastics CommandManager) to pick nodes on the part at locations of interest.

The selected nodes are listed under Node List.

The graph in the right window displays the result value for each node. Curve points are numbered in the order in which the nodes were selected.

You can select any of the available results to update the graph with the selected nodes.

  Results Adviser Activates the Results Adviser panel.

The top window provides a brief interpretation of the simulation results, including any defects such as short shots which may have occurred during filling. It also provides recommendations for geometry and process parameters changes to improve the product quality.

The lower window describes the active result quantity.

  Export to eDrawings Exports the result plot to an eDrawings file format (*.EPRT).

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