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Injection Location PropertyManager

Polymer material at the specified Melt Temperature is introduced into the cavity through injection locations. You can define multiple injection locations for each cavity, but a minimum of one injection location per cavity is required.

To open the Injection Location PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager, expand Boundary Conditions and double-click Injection Location.
You must mesh the part and apply material before you define injection locations.

Type and Selection

If your model includes an injection system (gates, runners, sprue), you can define an injection location at the sprue inlet. If your model includes only a cavity, you can define injection locations directly on the cavity. In this case, the effects of the injection system and gate geometry on the polymer temperature and flow are ignored.
  Injection Location (Node) Positions the injection location on a selected vertex on the part. The injection location snaps to the nearest node of the mesh.
  Injection Location (Face) Available for solid mesh only.

After you added an injection location, the corresponding mesh faces are highlighted. You can modify the injection location definition by selecting more or fewer mesh faces.

Pointer Diameter Controls the size of the gate. Sets the diameter of the conical pointer which indicates the injection location.
  Add Location Adds an injection location on the selected face of the part cavity. You can select multiple faces to add multiple injection locations. Mesh elements enclosed by the projection of the pointer diameter are highlighed in the graphics area and set the injection location boundary.
When you use multiple injection locations, the cavity is partially filled with material entering from all injection locations. Weld lines develop where the flow fronts merge together. To display weld lines: Double-click Flow Results (under Results) and select Weld Lines.
Delete Injection Location Deletes the highlighted injection location.
Delete All Injection Locations Deletes all defined injection locations.
Automatically Add Locations Defines up to 10 injection locations on the part cavity automatically. The program adds injection locations onto the part based on the geometry and optimized balanced fill pattern.
Predict Flow Pattern Predicts the plastic flow pattern through the cavity at the end of fill.

Specify Material Injection Range

Applies for co-injection simulation. You set the injection range (in terms of filling time or filled volume ratio) for the first and second material.

Volume Ratio (%) Controls the injection range for the selected gate based on the percentage of the cavity volume that is filled.
Time (sec): Controls the injection range for the selected gate based on the filling time.
Volume Ratio (exclusive runner ) (%) Available for shell mesh. Controls the injection range for the selected range based on the percentage of the cavity volume that is filled excluding the runner's volume.

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