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Vault Tab

Compare vault document

Workgroup PDM compares the state of the file in the vault to the local copy as follows:
  • To document on disk. Saved local copy.
  • To document in memory. Open file currently in memory, shown in the folder at the top of the local view.
Show vault comparison icons for documents in local view Select to display the comparisons with the vault copy in the local view

Show selections in ProjectManager for

(applies to the SOLIDWORKS client only)

Allows highlighting In ProjectManager (vault view).

When you select an assembly component in the graphics area, the corresponding component in the ProjectManager is highlighted, and vice versa.

Document ranges in vault tree

You can group documents into ranges in the vault view display. Ranges apply to the first level of documents in a project. Setting ranges improves performance.

Documents are grouped by document name and placed in folders named with the first and last document in the folder (doc000000.dwg...doc000499.dwg, for example).

Documents per range Specify the number of documents per group. To turn off this functionality, set the value to zero.

Output file defaults

The output file defaults apply to information that you output to file.
Tab delimit fields Delimits the fields in the files by tabs.
Comma delimit fields Delimits the fields in the files by commas.
Show header Column headers.
Show extra header info The date and time the report is generated, the name of the document being reported on, and the place in Workgroup PDM from which the report is generated (VaultView, for example).
Double quote fields Double quotation marks surrounding each field, in addition to the field delimiter.


Change Create a new password for your current User name in the Change Password dialog box.
The password for a user name is originally set by the vault administrator on the Users and Groups tab of the VaultAdmin. The vault administrator can also change the password if necessary (if a user is on vacation or has left the company, for example).
Clear Remove the password that is currently saved locally so that you can save a new password.
Saving a password locally expedites the login procedure. If no password is saved locally, you log in by typing a password in the Login dialog box.

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