System Options - Touch

You can work on models using the touch gestures and perform actions like a finger drag to rotate and a two finger drag to pan. Also, you can use Pan, Roll, and Zoom In/Out actions concurrently. These updated controls apply to Microsoft Windows 8 and later versions.

To open the Touch area of the System Options dialog box:

With a document open on a touch-enabled computer, click Options Options (Standard toolbar), and click Touch.

Reset Restores factory defaults for all system options or only for options on this page.

Rotate and Pan

All options refer to the motion of two fingers moving together in unison. Depending on the initial distance between the two fingers, this gesture is interpreted as panning or rotation. Modify the distances in these options to differentiate the pan and rotate gestures.

Rotate width slider
  • Off interprets the two-finger gesture starting any distance apart as Pan.
  • As you drag the slider to the right, increases the maximum initial distance interpreted as Rotate.
Rotate versus pan threshold slider
  • Off interprets any initial two-finger distance wider than the Rotate width as Pan.
  • When your setting is added to the Rotate width, this sum interprets the two-finger distance as Rotate or Pan:
    • When the distance is less than the sum and greater than the Rotate width, SOLIDWORKS does not respond to the gesture.
    • When the distance is greater than the sum, Pan is interpreted.
    • When the distance is less than the Rotate width, Rotate is interpreted.