Shortcut Menus

Shortcut menus provide convenient access to tools and commands.

To see the menus, right-click when you move the pointer over:

  • Model geometry
  • FeatureManager design tree
  • Window borders
Shortcut menus include:
  • A context toolbar of frequently used commands
  • Headings to denote sections of the menu.
  • User-defined names if you apply custom names to features, components, and so on.
  • Groups of related menu items.
  • Means of customizing the menu.
  1. Context toolbar
  2. Heading with user-defined name
  3. Group of related menu items
  4. Customize

Shortcut menus appear by default in a short version. Click to display the long version with all the possible items.

You can customize shortcut menus:
  • Hide and show menu items
  • Show all menu items
  • Reset menus to the system default

Sketch Entities flyout menu uses the compact grid format to avoid unnecessary mouse travel. You can scroll through the menu using the middle mouse wheel if the menu runs off the screen.