Getting Started

The SOLIDWORKS Resources tab in the Task Pane includes commands, links, and information.

New Document Opens the New SOLIDWORKS Document dialog box
Open a Document Opens the Open dialog box
Making My First Part (new users) Opens the SOLIDWORKS tutorials at the first part lesson
Making My First Drawing (new users) Opens the SOLIDWORKS tutorials at the first drawing lesson
Tutorials Opens the home page for the SOLIDWORKS Tutorials
What's New Opens the What's New book for the current release of the SOLIDWORKS software (if installed)
Introducing SOLIDWORKS Opens the Introducing SOLIDWORKS document
General Information Opens the Information For SOLIDWORKS Customers Web page


task_pane_property_tab_builder Property Tab Builder Opens the Property Tab Builder, a utility that you can use to create a customized interface for entering properties into SOLIDWORKS files. The tabs you create appear in the Custom Properties tab of the Task Pane.
task_pane_solidworks_rx.gif SOLIDWORKS Rx Analyzes your system, suggests possible solutions, and captures data that can help technical support personnel diagnose problems.
task_pane_solidworks_rx.gif Performance Benchmark Test Analyzes your system performance, compares it to other users, and allows you to share your score.
task_pane_compare_my_score.gif Compare My Score Reports the results of your SOLIDWORKS Performance Test in comparison to other users. This tool is available only for subscription customers.
Copy_Settings_Wizard.gif Copy Settings Wizard The Copy Settings Wizard saves, restores, and propagates system settings to users, computers, or profiles. You can also run the Copy Settings Wizard by clicking Tools > Save/Restore Settings.


Customer Portal Links to the online SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal
User Groups Links to the online SOLIDWORKS User Group Network
Discussion Forum Links to the online SOLIDWORKS Discussion Forum
Technical Alerts and News Links to the online SOLIDWORKS News and Events home page

Online Resources

Partner Solutions Links to an online directory of Gold Products and Solution Partners

Tip of the Day

A helpful hint appears at the bottom of the tab. A different tip is displayed in every new session of the SOLIDWORKS software. Click Next Tip to display additional tips.