Renaming Virtual Components

You can rename virtual components. The name always includes the parent assembly's name.

The format of the name for virtual components is:


  • [Part1^conveyor]
  • [top_tube^frame]

The square brackets indicate that the component is a virtual component.

You can rename only the first name, Part_name, and not the surname, Assembly_name, which ensures that the name of the virtual component is unique. When you move or copy a virtual component to another assembly, the surname changes to reflect that assembly's name.

To rename a virtual component:

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click a virtual component and click Rename Part.
  2. Type a new name and press Enter.
    The virtual component is renamed.

    For example, suppose you have an assembly named conveyor, which contains a virtual component named [Copy of pin .75x3.0^conveyor]. If you type pin_special when renaming the component, the name changes to [pin_special^conveyor].