Reassigning Mouse Gestures

You can customize mouse gestures by assigning different tools. In addition to tools, you can assign macros and the OK, Cancel, and Escape commands.

32 tools are preassigned to mouse gestures in SOLIDWORKS, one tool for each of the eight mouse gesture directions for drawings, parts, assemblies, and sketches.

To reassign a mouse gesture:

  1. With a document open, click Tools > Customize and select the Mouse Gestures tab.

    The tab displays a list of tools and macros. If a mouse gesture is currently assigned to a tool, the icon for the gesture appears in the appropriate column for the command. For example, by default, the right mouse gesture is assigned to the Right tool for parts and assemblies, so the icon for that gesture ( ) appears in the Part and Assembly columns for that tool.

    To filter the list of tools and macros, use the options at the top of the tab.

    By default, four mouse gesture directions are visible in the Mouse Gestures tab and available in the mouse gesture guide. Select 8 gestures to view and reassign commands for eight gesture directions.

  2. Find the row for the tool or macro you want to assign to a mouse gesture, and click in the cell where that row intersects the appropriate column.
    For example, to assign Make Drawing from Part to the Part column, click in the cell where the Make Drawing from Part row and the Part column intersect.

    A list of either 4 or 8 gesture directions appears as shown, depending on whether you have the 4 gestures or 8 gestures option selected.

    mouse_gestures_list_4.gif mouse_gestures_list_8.gif
    Some tools are not applicable to all columns, so the cell is unavailable and you cannot assign a mouse gesture. For example, you cannot assign a mouse gesture for Make Drawing from Part in the Assembly or Drawing columns.
  3. Select the mouse gesture direction you want to assign from the list.
    The mouse gesture direction is reassigned to that tool and its icon appears in the cell.
  4. Click OK.