About SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is the name of the product previously called SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM. It is available as a separately purchased product.

This table shows differences between SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional:
Functionality SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
eDrawings Professional  
DraftSight add-in
Microsoft Office add-in  
AutoCAD add-in  
Inventor add-in  
CAD Editor client
Contributor client
Viewer client
Multiple workflows Limited to 1
Workflow States Limited to 10
Parallel Approvals  
Offline mode
Transition actions (Limited)
eDrawings preview
Multi-document preview  
External Viewer Integration  
Serial Numbers  
Content search (indexing)  
Integrated search tool
Dedicated search tool  
Search favorites  
Active directory and LDAP login  
Notifications - PDM inbox (database)
Notifications - email (SMTP)  
SQL Server Express support  
SQL Standard support  
Automated tasks  
Automated data import/export  
Custom add-in support  
Item support  
Web client  
Multi-site replication  
Report generator  
Revision schemes Limited to 2
File categories  
Version labels  
Copy Tree
Move Tree  
Named Bill of Materials  
Custom references  
Menu and toolbar customization  
Version free variables
Pro/E Connector  
Solid Edge File Support