Settings Administrator Tool

You can use the Settings Administrator Tool to set system options that are applied when deploying or upgrading the SOLIDWORKS software, and to prevent users from changing those options. This tool replaces the Copy Settings Wizard for deploying settings, although that wizard is still available for copying settings.

You can start with:
  • The default set of options for that release of SOLIDWORKS.
  • Options previously applied on that computer.
  • Options specified in an existing .sldreg or .sldSettings file.

Two columns of check boxes let you select which of these options to apply, and which of the applied options to lock so users cannot change them.

When users access the System Options dialog box, the locked options appear unavailable with a lock icon . However, you can create a password that allows users to unlock options. When users hover over a locked option, a tooltip displays your name and email, so they can contact you and request that password.

You select whether the system options apply only the first time a user starts the software, or every time the SOLIDWORKS software starts, and whether customizations apply at the same time. You also select whether the options remain locked when users cannot access the network location with the .sldSettings file where the lock definitions are stored.

There are three steps to using the Settings Administrator Tool:
  1. Create an administrative image.
  2. Use the Settings Administrator to generate an *.sldSettings file which contains your selected SOLIDWORKS options.
  3. Include the *.sldSettings file in SOLIDWORKS installations.

After deployment, you can repeat step 2 to modify an existing *.sldSettings file at any time. The SOLIDWORKS software reads the modified *.sldSettings file the next time it starts.