Adding Associative Dimensions Into Custom Properties

To add associative dimensions into custom properties:

  1. Open the part and display the dimensions to add to Custom Properties.
  2. Under Property Name, type a name or choose one from the list.
  3. Select Text from the Type list.
  4. Click the dimension in the graphics area.
    The dimension_name@feature@model_name is displayed under Value / Text Expression (for example, D1@Extrude1@Block.SLDPRT).
  5. Place your cursor at the end of the dimension name and add additional text, such as millimeters.
    Values are cumulative unless you clear the content in the Value / Text Expression cell. Cumulative values enable you to include dimensions, units, and other text. For example: Click one dimension in the graphics area, type x in the Value / Text Expression cell, and click additional dimensions in the graphics area to display dimension_name@feature@model_name x dimension_name@feature@model_name , and so on.
  6. Click any cell in the table.
    The value of the property displays under Evaluated Value.

    Any dimension included in Custom Properties is updated when you modify the dimension in the part.