Group Properties - Transition Permissions

Use the Transition Permissions page to assign the transition permissions between workflow states for the group members. You can also use the workflow editor to assign these permissions.

To display the Group Properties dialog box:

Expand the Groups node and double-click the group or right-click Groups and select New Group.

Workflow transitions All available workflow state transitions are listed.

The From and To columns show the states for which the transition is defined.

Select a transition to view or change the assigned permissions for the group member.

Default Workflow If you have multiple workflows set up, use this drop-down list to select a specific workflow.


Disallow sequential state changes Group member may not make two sequential state transitions on the same file.

For example, you can use this option to prevent group members from approving their files.

Permit Group members can send files through the selected transition.

Group members must have this permission even if the transition is automatic.