User Properties - Groups

Use the Groups page to control the user's membership in existing SOLIDWORKS PDM groups.

To access this page, display the user's Properties dialog box:

  • For an existing user, expand the Users node and double-click the user account.
  • When creating or adding user accounts, click Next in the Add Users dialog box.
Group Groups the user is or was a member of.
Member The groups the user is a member of are checked.

Clearing the check box removes the user from the group.

The group remains listed so that you can easily re-add the user.

Folder The vault and folder the user's group membership applies to.

If the user has group membership for more than one folder in a vault, there is a line for each folder.

Add Displays the Group Memberships dialog box, where you can choose the groups to which the user belongs.
Remove If the user was a member of the selected group, the user's membership is revoked and the group is removed from the list.