Transition Actions, Notifications, and Dispatch Actions

Changing file states in Web2 client works slightly differently than changing state using File Explorer or the Web client.

  • Transition Actions
    Action Description
    Set Variable Sets the variable actions defined in transitions.
    Increment Revision Increments the revision counter of a file. The combination of incrementing the revision counter and setting the revision variable allows files to receive new revision status.
    Send Mail Allows you to send emails. However, you cannot receive emails or notifications on Web2 client interface.
    Export data to XML Exports data from SOLIDWORKS in XML format.
    Import data from XML Imports XML data into SOLIDWORKS.
    Execute Task Web2 client executes tasks that do not use an input card or user input. If a workflow transition has a defined task execution that requires a file input, Web2 client executes only the transition and not the task.
    Execute Command In general, commands are carried out. However, commands might fail if they require user input.
  • Notifications
    Web2 client performs the pre-defined notification actions. On the Web2 interface, you cannot:
    • Select dynamic notification recipients
    • Receive emails or notifications
  • Dispatch Actions

    Web2 client executes dispatch actions that do not require user input.