Changing State via a Normal Transition

With a normal transition, only one user is required to run the transition to change the file's state.

To change a file's state, it must be checked in.

To change state using a normal transition:

  1. Either in File Explorer or the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in pane within SOLIDWORKS, select one or more files.
  2. Right-click and select Change State and a state transition.
    The state transitions that are available to you depend on the workflow designed by your administrator.
    The Do Transition dialog box displays information about the files, including referenced files.
  3. In the Do Transition dialog box, select one or more files to transition, and set column values as needed.
  4. Enter a comment related to the change operation to store within the file history.
  5. For state transitions with dynamic notifications, enter a Notification comment and select notification recipients from the list.
    An administrator can configure dynamic notifications for a transition.
  6. For state transitions that require authentication, type your SOLIDWORKS PDM password.
  7. Click OK.
    The file's state changes in the State column of file list in Windows Explorer or the Workflow State column of the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in in the SOLIDWORKS task pane.