Beam Diagrams PropertyManager

Creates shear, moment, torque, or axial force diagrams for beams or axial force diagrams for trusses. Beam diagrams are generated in the local directions for each beam.

To display this PropertyManager, run a Simulation study. Right-click Results and select Define Beam Diagrams.


Component Select one of the following:
  • Axial Force
  • Shear Force in Dir 1
  • Shear Force in Dir 2
  • Moment in Dir 1
  • Moment in Dir 2
  • Torque
For trusses, only Axial Force is available.
units.png Units Select the units of the diagram.
  Render beam profile (slower) Displays beam diagrams on actual beam geometry as opposed to cylinders.

Selected Beams

All Selects all beams.
Select Select beams in the graphics area. The software considers only the beams in Selected Beams.
Beam Diagram Width Controls the width of beam plots for better visibility.


  Include title text Type a custom title for the plot.
  Associate plot with name view orientation Allows you to associate a predefined view orientation with the active plot.
Associate with current view Associates the current view with the active plot.

To show beam directions for an active beam diagram, right-click the beam diagram icon and select Settings. In the PropertyManager, under Deformed Plot Options, select Show beam directions.

Beam directions are shown at the center of each beam

Example of a fixed-fixed beam subjected to a uniformly distributed load along Dir 1. Shear diagram in Dir1 and moment diagram in Dir 2 are shown. For a beam subjected to a distributed load along Dir 2, shear forces will shown in Dir 2, and moment forces in Dir 1.
Fixed-fixed beam subjected to a uniformly loading along direction1. To view a beam's local directions, create a Mesh Quality Plot. In the Settings tab, click Show beam directions.
Shear Force in Dir 1 diagram
Moment in Dir 2 diagram