Face Identification PropertyManager

You create sub-meshes that you later extract as analytic or non-analytic surfaces.

The goal is to separate areas of specific design intent, for example: areas that are planes, cylinders, cones, b-surfaces, etc. Each specific area must be its own sub-mesh, as indicated by the different colors. You then refine the design intent using paint tools to split sub-meshes or join separate sub-meshes. Areas designed for b-surfaces require more attention to remove inappropriate curvature and jagged edges.

Automatic Painting

Select sub-mesh to decompose Activates Automatic Painting for the selected sub-mesh.
Sensitivity Dynamically updates the preview of the selected sub-mesh when you move the slider. When you first open the PropertyManager, the entire model is pre-selected, so Sensitivity affects all sub-meshes. This is the only time that all sub-meshes are group selected, so be sure you have adjusted Sensitivity as desired before you click Apply.

Sensitivity sets the maximum angle of incidence permitted between triangles, measures the angles, then joins or separates triangles based on the setting.

Apply Creates sub-meshes based on the Sensitivity setting and the graphics area display.
Cancel Cancels Automatic Painting and clears the selected sub-mesh.

Manual Painting

Paint color:
PM_Selected_Color.gif (The color varies.) Selected color  
Pick color from model  
  New color Select a new color or create a custom color.
Paint tools:
PM_Paint_Brush.gif Paint brush Paints the selected color over local areas of sub-meshes.
PM_Paint_Can.gif Paint can Fills the entire sub-mesh with the selected color.