Finishing the Interlock Surface

Lofted Surface Tool_Lofted_Surface_Surfaces.gif mold_loft_after_ruled_srf_prvw.gif
Ruled Surface tool_Ruled_Surface_Mold_tools.gif

Use Ruled Surface, rather than Extend Surface to maintain the correct taper.

Extend Surface Tool_Extend_Surface_Surfaces.gif

To facilitate Trim Surface.

Trim Surface Tool_Trim_Surface_Surfaces.gif, using Mutual to remove material adjacent to the horizontal ruled surface.

Knit Surface tool_Knit_Surface_Surfaces.gif after trim.

Create a plane, parallel to Top Plane.

Sketch rectangle to create a planar surface.

Planar Surface tool_Planar_Surface_Surfaces.gif mold_sketch_planar_trim_done.gif
Trim Surface Tool_Trim_Surface_Surfaces.gif, using Standard to trim below the planar surface. mold_mutual_trim_02a.gif
After trim, the planar surface is ready as the basis for tooling split operation. mold_tooling_split_before.gif