PhotoView Preview Window

The PhotoView Preview window is a separate window from the main SOLIDWORKS window.

To display this window, with PhotoView added in, click PhotoView 360 > Preview Window.

The window maintains the aspect ratio set in the PhotoView Options PropertyManager when you resize the window.

Updates are interrupted when a change requires a rebuild. After the rebuild, the updates continue. You can interrupt the updates for performance reasons by clicking Pause.

Pause Stops all updates to the preview window.
Reset Updates the preview window and resumes the transmission of updates from SOLIDWORKS.
Save Preview Image Opens the Saving Image dialog box so you can save the preview image without performing a final render.
Extended Refinement Continually refines the preview image quality. You can use this option to get the best quality possible in a limited time frame. Click Save Image to save the image at its current state.
Full Resolution Preview Renders the full size selected in Output Image Size in PhotoView 360 Options regardless of the size of the Preview window. Use Full Resolution Preview when you want to use the Save Preview Image option rather than create a final render.