In eDrawings you can view and animate models and drawings and create documents convenient for sending to others.

eDrawings is installed automatically with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium. You can view any SOLIDWORKS document from SOLIDWORKS 97Plus and later.

As a best practice, distribute drawings and assemblies files in eDrawings format, which always requires updates when referenced parts are modified. If this is not possible, redistribute the updated SOLIDWORKS parent drawings and assemblies each time you modify the referenced parts.
If Large Assembly Mode is selected, high quality HLR/HLV views in assembly drawings do not contain shaded data in the published eDrawings (.edrw) file. If all views in the drawing are high quality, no shaded data is included in the eDrawings file and you cannot animate the drawing in eDrawings.

eDrawings Professional

With eDrawings Professional tools, you can:
  • Mark up files
  • View cross sections
  • Measure dimensions
  • Move assembly components
  • View exploded views
  • Display mass properties
  • Add password protection when publishing

For more information, click Help > eDrawings Help Topics in the eDrawings Viewer, or visit the Web site at www.solidworks.com/edrawings.