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Get Version History of Future Version Document Example (VBA)

This example shows how to get the version history of a future version document.

' Preconditions:
' 1. Copy a future version part document to this macro's directory.
' 2. Replace Part1.sldprt in the macro with the name
'    of your future version part.
' 3. Open an Immediate window.
' Postconditions: 
' 1. Does not throw swFileLoadError_e.swFutureVersion.
' 2. Inspect the Immediate window for the version history of the document.
' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Option Explicit

Sub Main()

    Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks
    Dim swDocument As SldWorks.ModelDoc2
    Dim swExtension As SldWorks.ModelDocExtension
    Dim lErrors As Long
    Dim lWarnings As Long
    Dim lOptions As Long
    Dim strFileName As String
    Dim vVersionHistory As Variant
    Dim strBaseVersion As String
    Dim strCurrentVersion As String
    Dim strHotFixes As String
    Dim strRevisionNumber As String
    Dim lDateCode As Long
    Dim strDateCode As String
    Dim strDateCodeYear As String
    Dim strDateCodeDay As String
    Dim strFormatVersion As String

    Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

    strFormatVersion = swApp.GetLatestSupportedFileVersion

    strRevisionNumber = swApp.RevisionNumber
    swApp.GetBuildNumbers2 strBaseVersion, strCurrentVersion, strHotFixes
    lDateCode = swApp.DateCode

    strDateCode = CStr(lDateCode)
    strDateCodeYear = Left$(strDateCode, 4)
    strDateCodeDay = Mid$(strDateCode, Len(strDateCodeYear) + 1)

    strDateCode = strDateCodeYear & "/" & strDateCodeDay

    Debug.Print "Format version = " & strFormatVersion
    Debug.Print "RevisionNumber = " & strRevisionNumber
    Debug.Print "BaseVersion    = " & strBaseVersion
    Debug.Print "CurrentVersion = " & strCurrentVersion
    Debug.Print "HotFixes       = " & strHotFixes
    Debug.Print "DateCode       = " & lDateCode
    Debug.Print "  DateCode     = " & strDateCode

    Set swDocument = swApp.ActiveDoc

    If (swDocument Is Nothing) Then
        strFileName = swApp.GetCurrentMacroPathFolder & "\Part1.sldprt"
        lOptions = 0
        lOptions = lOptions Or swOpenDocOptions_e.swOpenDocOptions_Silent
        Set swDocument = swApp.OpenDoc6(strFileName, swDocPART, lOptions, "", lErrors, lWarnings)
        Debug.Print "lErrors = " & lErrors

        ' Starting with SW2012 SP5, loading future file versions is supported,
        ' so the future version error no longer occurs.
        Debug.Print "  future version error = " & ((lErrors And swFileLoadError_e.swFutureVersion) = swFileLoadError_e.swFutureVersion)
        Debug.Print "lWarnings = " & lWarnings
    End If

    If (swDocument Is Nothing) Then
        Debug.Print "No model"
        Exit Sub
    End If

    strFileName = swDocument.GetPathName
    Debug.Print "File = " & strFileName
    Set swExtension = swDocument.Extension

    ' The version history of a future version document is the same as
    ' that of the part/assembly template that is used to load it
    ' into the older version of SOLIDWORKS. IModelDoc2::VersionHistory
    ' returns the version history of the part template,
    ' not the version history of the future version document. Get the version
    ' history of a future version document from its file on disk
    ' using SldWorks::VersionHistory.

    Debug.Print "Is future version = " & swExtension.IsFutureVersion

    If (Not (swExtension.IsFutureVersion = False)) Then
        vVersionHistory = swApp.VersionHistory(strFileName)
        If (Not IsEmpty(vVersionHistory)) Then
            Debug.Print "Version history from file:"
            PrintVersionHistory vVersionHistory
        End If
    End If

    vVersionHistory = swDocument.VersionHistory

    If (Not IsEmpty(vVersionHistory)) Then
        Debug.Print "Version history from document:"
        PrintVersionHistory vVersionHistory
    End If

    Debug.Print "view-only      = " & swDocument.IsOpenedViewOnly
    Debug.Print "read-only      = " & swDocument.IsOpenedReadOnly
    Debug.Print "blocking state = " & BlockingState2String(swDocument.GetBlockingState)

End Sub

Private Sub PrintVersionHistory(ByVal vVersionHistory As Variant)

    Dim vSplitResults           As Variant
    Dim strFormatVersion        As String
    Dim strDateCodes            As String
    Dim vDateCode               As Variant
    Dim vHistoryEntry           As Variant

    For Each vHistoryEntry In vVersionHistory

        Debug.Print "  " & vHistoryEntry
        vSplitResults = Split(vHistoryEntry, "[")
        strFormatVersion = vSplitResults(0)
        strDateCodes = Replace(vSplitResults(1), "]", "")
        vSplitResults = Split(strDateCodes, ",")
        Debug.Print "    format version = " & strFormatVersion

        For Each vDateCode In vSplitResults
            Debug.Print "       datecode = " & vDateCode
        Next vDateCode

    Next vHistoryEntry

End Sub

Private Function BlockingState2String(ByVal nBlockingState As SwConst.swBlockingStates_e) As String

    Select Case (nBlockingState)
        Case swBlockingStates_e.swEditorBlock
            BlockingState2String = "editor block"

        Case swBlockingStates_e.swEditSketchBlock
            BlockingState2String = "edit sketch block"

        Case swBlockingStates_e.swFullBlock
            BlockingState2String = "full block"

        Case swBlockingStates_e.swModifyBlock
            BlockingState2String = "modify block"

        Case swBlockingStates_e.swNoBlock
            BlockingState2String = "no block"

        Case swBlockingStates_e.swPartialModifyBlock
            BlockingState2String = "partial modify block"

        Case swBlockingStates_e.swSystemBlock
            BlockingState2String = "system block"

        Case swBlockingStates_e.swViewOnlyBlock
            BlockingState2String = "view only block"

        Case Else
            BlockingState2String = "<unknown blocking state>"

    End Select

End Function


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