Log File Dialog Box

The Log File dialog box lets you view informational and error events reported by this SOLIDWORKS PDM client.

To display the log file:

Under Local Settings, double-click Log.

The title bar shows the log file location. The default is:

\ \Users\username\AppData\Local\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS PDM

Where <user name> is the Windows logon user name on this computer.

A SOLIDWORKS PDM log file has the .cog extension. You can also view the log file by double-clicking it on any SOLIDWORKS PDM client computer.

Log Summary Displays a summary of all log entries.

Double-click an entry to display the details for that entry.

Show full log Shows all log entries as text.

Error events are highlighted.

Refresh Refreshes the log.
Copy log file Copies the log file object to the Windows clipboard.

You can paste a copied log file into a folder or directly into an email as an attachment. You can also copy the log file by right-clicking Log File in the left pane and selecting Copy.

Empty the log Deletes the client log.

A new empty log is created.

Find Next Searches the log for text specified in the Search text: field.